Уровень Elementary

The knowledge that expected to receive from the online school I received. I replenished my vocabulary and learned to ask and answer simple questions. Towards the end of the course I began to speak at slowly. All lessons and tasks were well described and easy to understand.

My homework was checked on time and always received feedback from the teacher. I tallked with the teacher on skype and whatsapp. I felt comfortable connunicating with the teacher on skype. The lessons were effective. My teacher Gulinur , she is very exacting, but at the same time very kind and attentive. I rate my teacher’s work on a top scale. There was no fear, because I read a lot of positive reviews on Instagram.

My motivation was to communicate with my son in law, with my grandchildren and I also want to travel. Grammar and reading tasks were interesting to me. It was difficult to listen , to complete this task I listened several times. I worked on homework for 6 hours a day. I finished this level in 6 months. I plan to study further. I will recommend this program to my friends , because the program is interesting and affordable.

Methods advantage : simplicity, training at time convenient for you.

Светлана Аблезова

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